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Why Use PadZing? is the easiest way for multifamily real estate professionals to get up-to-date apartment market data and trends. With comprehensive market data provided by industry leaders Vaultware™ and®, is a one-stop resource for anyone looking for timely information about specific regions down to the neighborhood level. offers:

  • Weekly Data Updates - PadZing is the only apartment market data site with current, relevant market data updated weekly from data providers and VaultWare.
  • Saved Searches - Save a list of your comps or custom defined markets for easy future access.
  • Customized Alerts - Receive an email from PadZing when a market change occurs that you must be aware of by simply entering your personal alert criteria.
  • MyProperty Chart - See at-a-glance your how your property's performance and trending compares to the ZIP code, county, city and state's performance.
  • Market Indices - View rent and vacancy data over time by bed-count from National, all the way down to the ZIP code level.
  • Easy Mapping Tools - Target specific geographic areas with intuitive Microsoft® Virtual Earth™ mapping tools and data filtering options.
  • Personalized Comp Survey Reports - Run an updated competitive survey report for competitor you identify with the click of a button. Best of all, rents for PadZing properties are updated automatically!

Most other sources of apartment market data are outdated by the time you get them, cannot alert you to sudden changes in the market and are based on standard market areas rather than giving you the flexibility to define your market. With PadZing, you get timely access to the current and accurate information and easy-to-use tool to stay abreast of market conditions, benchmark your own performance and make informed business decisions.

Stop reacting to out-of-date information. Get ahead of the curve with PadZing.

Effective Date: October 8, 2008